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Shuaa Alain Al-Dhahbi Company For contracting, electrical, oil and public transport services


Shuaa Alain Al-Dhahbi Company Is an Iraqi company registered under the contract and certificate of registration of the company with the Registrar of Companies in accordance with the Companies Law No. 21 of 1997 amended


Shuaa Alain Al-Dhahbi Company aims to contribute to meet the needs of the local market, government, transport needs, oil and government companies, meet the needs of the electrical sector, service and urban aspects in our beloved country and contribute to the rehabilitation and development of some of its institutions. The company aspires to make its first priority the quality aspect of work and completion of the projects that it wants to implement and to develop plans and elements for the completion of all its work, contracts and projects on them and in conformity with the global system of large companies and working in the same field. The company and its founders aspire to expand its scope of operations to include many sectors that exceed its narrow interests, free market interests and industrial field, and are suited to the wheel of global development by linking the work with the global systems of large industrial and commercial establishments.


Our vision is realized in building an integrated system that elevates and keeps pace with developed countries in the business world.

Services we provide

  • Civil services
  • Electrical & mechanical services
  • Transportation services
  • Oil services
  • consulting services

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Business provided by the company

Contribute to the development of the economy in the field of business import and export of all materials and commercial goods allowed to deal with them

Contribute to the development of the economy and the revival of the general contracting and the implementation of all the companies and the work of the company as the following :

  • Carrying out general contracting works, including works related to the construction, expansion and demolition of buildings of all types, roads, bridges, railways, airports, dams, reservoirs, irrigation projects, port works, port and port works, water and sewage works, oil services, pipelines and processing of oil sites and oil fields. Of construction workers to be implemented by the company
  • Electrical and mechanical works, including work related to the installation and installation of equipment, machinery, power plants, pumping stations, telephone exchanges, air conditioning, electrical and sanitary installations, sewage, towers, metal structures and other works that fall within this jurisdiction and complementary works within the company.
To contribute to the development and recovery of the public transport and the clearance of goods and to carry out land and sea transport services by establishing a commercial fleet for the transport of goods inside and outside Iraq. This requires extensive possibilities for securing the transport of goods to Iraq, preparing the warehouses and clearing the goods and providing services in accordance with the applicable law No. 80 of 1983, And the applicable instructions
The company also aspires to enter into the field of oil services and includes the installation and equipment of oil and laboratory equipment and work in the sale of industrial and laboratory chemical chemicals, and the opening of maintenance workshop for laboratory equipment and the need for local and industrial market and the need of the government sector for this according to the commercial agencies obtained and obtained in the future and develop cadre Technical and engineering specialist to support and develop this aspect.

Our Services

Civil and consulting services

Electrical and mechanical services

Transportation services

Oil services

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Our business


Occupational safety

    Our company seeks to achieve all safety means by providing the following components:

  • Proper and objective technical planning for the foundations of prevention in establishments..
  • Legislation stemming from the need to implement this technical planning
  • For the implementation of the building on the basis of sound scientific at the time of construction with the provision of specialized technical equipment to ensure the continued implementation of occupational safety and health services.

    The company aims to achieve safety

  • Maintaining the components of the physical component of the installations and the equipment and equipment they contain from damage and loss as a result of accidents.
  • Protect the human element from occupational hazards by preventing them from accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.
  • Provide and implement all occupational safety and health requirements that ensure a safe environment for the prevention of risks to the human and material components.
  • Occupational safety and health as a scientific approach will aim to establish safety and security in the hearts of workers while doing their work and to reduce the anxiety and panic attacks they face as they live by the necessities of life with tools, materials and machines that lie between the dangers of life and under unsafe conditions. Be safety

Safty First